Workshop and Tasting of Ovos Moles de Aveiro | Oficina do Doce

July 26 | 16h00 | Check map below for meeting point

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to get to know all the historical surroundings associated with Ovos Moles and many other convent sweets from the region of Aveiro. A didactic exhibition space, historically representative, where you can watch, live, one of the last stages of the more traditional manufacture of Ovos Moles. The more daring ones will have the opportunity to try out their art as old-fashioned confectioners, filling and cutting these sweets with maritime designs. Following this demonstration, you will have the pleasure of tasting these delicious sweets, ex-libris of Aveiro.

Visit to Salinas | Marinha da Noeirinha

July 26 | 16h00 | Check map below for meeting point

Salt of Aveiro is a very valuable resource in the history of Aveiro. The production of sea salt – locally cherished as “white gold” – had a significant expression in the 60s of the 20th century, with around 270 salinas, producing around 95,600 tons/year in 1966. In the 1960s, the activity began to decline, not only in terms of the number of active salinas, but also in terms of production volume. Currently, only 7 salt production stations are in operation and only a few continue to bring us Salt from Aveiro and ensure that this art continues to last in our days and not just in memories.

Moliceiro Boat Ride

July 24-28 | Voucher system* | Check map below for starting point

A visit to Aveiro suggests a Moliceiro boat trip. The moliceiro ride in Aveiro lasts 45 minutes and runs along the four main canals of the city: Canal Central, Canal do Côjo, Canal das Pirâmides and Canal de São Roque. In the past, these vessels were used as a support to collect moliço, an algae often used to fertilize agricultural land. Today, there are several boats with colorful panels that we see sailing in the urban channels of Ria de Aveiro.

* To enjoy the boat ride, please ask for the voucher during registration. The voucher can be used from July 24th to July 28th from 10h to 17h. On July 26th you can use the voucher up until 18h30. Please go to the dock located on the map bellow and show your voucher to the operator. Enjoy the ride!